The Love and The Grace of God

Phil 4:6-7 In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be make known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses every man's understanding, will guard your hearts and you thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bit and pieces of Year 2010_Part 1

Have a sudden thought of counting the blessings that Yun had had this year~ It had been a year that make me grew a lot.
Yun had gone through lots of throne and thistles. Thank God for the never falling grace that keep me to abide in Him. I had been rebellious, stubborn and egoist.. but He caused me to see that no matter what conditions I was in He loves and He will love to the end.

Well, it's exactly one more week to bid goodbye to year 2010 and welcoming the new year, 2011. 
Start counting one by one and see how well or how bad Yun's performed this year. 

Let's see~ in case I've forgotten.

Few weeks after Yun got her handsome dear babe. First 'C'.

Taking good care of Yun's babe is really not an easy job. First time Yun felt like a grown up daughter start taking up the responsibility to take care of expensive goods. Actually, dad decided to buy a car for me because of my work loads and health conditions.. Could you imagine I have been losing weight tremendously in 6 months time from 54kg to poor little 47kg. The bonds on my ribs could easily visible.
All because of my master works and some other personal matters. Haiz~ A not smooth sailing process but I've learn so many things practically besides those were written on textbooks. 

Hmm~ Thank God for His grace and mercy.

This year Yun had visited few places in Kuching, the cultural village, Damai Beach, Serikin, Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation centre, Kampung Benuk, Permai Rainforest, Santubong and Matang Family Park. (Ops~ just realised that lots of the post not yet done~ hmm~ )

 With some of the international students at the cultural village.
Some of the postgraduate friends who encourages and accompany me through all the difficulties.

Together with postgraduate friends visiting my main supervisor Dr Linda during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

In May, Yun together with few sisters visited Kuala Lumpur, Melacca, Johore and Singapore. A 4 in 1 trip also known as Yun's graduation trip. It's really a fruitful traveling together with the dearest sisters.


 Ops~ The sharing on the trip is not done yet...
To cut thing short Yun decided to share the link instate of lengthy wordings..
Yun get her second 'C' Camera.
Her second dear babe Canon 500d.
Yun attended Ivy's weeding and became the camera woman for the event.

Yun graduated from her master degree in Unimas 14th Convocation.

and of course tonnes of foods that Yun had enjoyed. 

Not to forget also all types of blending with all the saints.

And eventually Yun perm her hair for the very first time in her life.

Look weird ~ anyway..
That's in brief what Yun went through for the past year.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bla Bla Bla

This is the 200th posts for this year. I'm not sure whether this will be the last closing post for this year.

I'm not sure what to share as I got such a complicated feelings. From the start of the meeting till the end, I was just like an idiot, a stranger in the midst of 'normal people'. I felt so awkward, thinking of escape but I still manage to hold to the end and leave with a smile carved on my face. I really wonder since when I began to put on mask whenever there is a meeting.

I don't know whether what I did just now is right? I just have the feeling that I am not going to do it alone. Eventually, I remained silence when it was my turn to sing the hymn.

Not going to describe it in details ~

In short, I am lost.. Totally lost and scare of weird practice.
Gosh ~ what happened to me?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OMG OMG~ Yun's hair got struck by Lightning

Yun accompanied a friend to get her hair perm.. Hmmm~ Too bad in the end Yun was influenced by the  offer that the saloon provide.. (could you resists 50% off for one person if you come in pair?). In the end Yun get her hair perm as well.
This was done at Artist (near Travillion) by Jericho (a famous stylist in Kuching). 
Hmm~ Guess what was Yun's expression when Yun saw her hair..
OMG~ Can you please make it a little bit flatter???
Jericho looked at me in unbelievable and shock mode.. 
Well, I suppose this is called perm~~ 
Share with Yun's reader current Yun's hair style.

Front view
Side view_1
Side View_2.

How do you feel about Yun's hair? 

Sadly to say, Yun's still getting use to the new hair style.. 
Kinda weird for d very first time with curly hair after 25 years of straight hair~ 
Anyway, getting a new hairstyle for the new year and a new start.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. ^^

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Visit to Serikin

If you plan to visit Sarawak, then Serikin is a must visit place. It is situated at the boundary of Kuching and Kalimantan. It is best know for cheap local products and Indonesia's. The journey from the Kuching town to Serikin takes about 1-1.5 hours. 
I paid a visit to Serikin beginning of this year together with some of the local and international postgraduate students. We stop by Pekan Padawan to have our breakfast before heading to Serikin.

After the breakfast, we continue our journey to Serikin. Share with all my readers some of the captures that I got from the visit. From the clothes to ...
To grocery..
Dried prawn.
And other local vegetables. To bad Yun dun even know some of the vegetables.. look unfamiliar to me. 
The pumpkin, petai, kunyit and bla bla bla...

We also took the opportunity to take some photos with the soldiers.

Random capture with some of the friends who join the trip.

Thursday, December 2, 2010




那一天知道你要走 我們一句話也沒有說
那一天送你送到最後 我們一句話也沒有留
我知道你有千言你有萬語 卻不肯說出口
你知道我好擔心我好難過 卻不敢說出口
當你背上行囊 卸下那份榮耀
面帶著微微笑 用力的揮揮手
當你踏上月臺 從此一個人走
深深的祝福你 最親愛的朋友
那一天送你送到最後 我們一句話也沒有留
我知道你有千言你有萬語 卻不肯說出口
你知道我好擔心我好難過 卻不敢說出口
當你背上行囊 卸下那份榮耀
面帶著微微笑 用力的揮揮手
當你踏上月臺 從此一個人走
深深的祝福你 最親愛的朋友

这首歌对我有深刻的印象。 从小学到中学在到大学, 从家人到朋友到爱人, 离别的事多得很。 一路順風, 一句简单的祝福却带有许多的感触。