The Love and The Grace of God

Phil 4:6-7 In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be make known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses every man's understanding, will guard your hearts and you thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kids in their wonderful world.. Here they are, let me introduce from the very left Jasper, Faith and Elizabeth..
Newman and Faith
Jasper and Elizabeth
Cute Jasper
Faith and Newman
Here come little Ah Boy.. (Stanley's kid). He is really a model car lover..

With his little tricycle under hot sun.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How fragile could Human being be?

Human’s life is fragile; no one would ever know what will happen in the next minute. Have you ever encountered such a distressed situation? You are with your beloved one and the very next hour you received a call saying that he/she had passed away in a car accident! What could be your reactions?

If I were in the situation, I would be dumb, not knowing what should be done or what to think of!
I experienced it once; 2 years ago a good friend of mine was killed in an accident. I did not know the occurrence until my sister told me about it out of the blue coz I was in Kuching that time preparing for my final exam.

I was shocked and scare. No one could I turn to nor could I share the feelings. I blamed him for not been there when I needed him the most. I cried for more than a week and being haunted by the feelings for more than a year! Thus, every time I heard of any accidents happened among my friends the feelings come back.

It was not until this morning, a friend of mine told me that her best friend, XX, passed away early in the morning today after celebrating her Valentine’s Night with some of her friends. I was really shocked not knowing what to think or what to say. My younger sister called me and she cried over it for XX was her friend! There is nothing that I could do nor tell to comfort her. I was in complicated and shocked feelings.

Even now.. I just want to blog out my feelings.. not knowing what am I writing about.. I just want to share with my faithful readers that you would bear with me.

Share with you all a hymn, a hymn that reminded me of my 'tomorrow'.

‘I don’t know about tomorrow’
I don’t know about tomorrow
I just live from day to day,
I don’t borrow from its sunshine
For the sky may turn to grey.
I don’t worry about my future,
For I know what Jesus says,
And today He walks besides me,
For He knows what is ahead.

© Many things about tomorrow,
I don’t seem to understand.
But I know who holds tomorrow,
And I know who holds my hand.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

History of Valentine's Day

It is February the 14th, a day full of kindness and love. The air is fully saturated with love and care for their beloved one. I took a day off going around having a sense of the love season. Oh well, shops full of pinkish and reddish soft toys, candies, chocolates and wishing cards with all the poetic love outpour from the writer.

There are a lot of versions regarding Valentine’s Day history. Well I’m here to share whatever I know. Valentine’s Day is believed to be originated from Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February the 14th was a holiday to honour Juno who was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses.

In that time, the lives of boys and girls were strictly estranged. However, one of the customs is the names of Roman girls were written on paper and placed in a jar. Each man would then draw a girl’s name from the jar and would then be partners for the duration of the Feast of Lupercalia. Sometimes the pairing lasted an entire year, and often, they would fall in love and marry.

However, under the ruling of Emperor Claudius II, Rome was famed in many bloody campaigns. Claudius King was having a hard time getting soldiers to participate in his military. He found out that the only reason for them not to join was that the young man did not want to leave their loves or families. Thus, He cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome forcing all the young man to join his military league.

St. Valentine was a priest at Rome in the days of Claudius II. He aided the Christina martyrs and secretly married couples. However, his noble deed was apprehended and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. He died on the 14th of February 270A.D. In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honour St. Valentine for his noble deed of joining the loves one together.

Oh well, there might be a lot more other version of Valentine’s Day history. The meaning of the Valentine’s is just to remember your love one; your spouse, friends or even your family members. Showing your appreciation towards them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


明天以後 (國語版)(林峯&泳兒)








10: After tommorow (Mandarin) TRANSLATION (Only for temporary used!)
Vincy Chan and Raymond Lam

V: In your memory there is only me,
I’m always there during the hard times,
And I will only leave when it’s clear

R: You saved me from being lonely, my pain, and my dream
But in front of you I can’t promise anything
I can’t wait to tell you
You have touched my heart

V: Your strengths, your weaknesses
F: You understand my attitude the best
V: I don’t want you to love me dearly
F: I don’t want you to leave me
T: After tomorrow we will understand
Lovelorn is a setback which will help people mature

V: I feel as though feeling overrides love
F: Because of you, you’ve given me strength, given me unlimited luck
I’ve actually thought to love you well
V: I’m just worried in the end that we’re not careful and I’ll be hurt (F: I’m not afraid to be hurt)
T: Sorry, I think that we shouldn’t be together
F: In the end I see you with someone else
V: There will be a day where I find the only one (F: I’m not your only one)
T: We will smile as we congratulate one another


V: Love will make people suffer
F: This is why we chose this path
T: To be each other’s best friend instead of lovers

This is another great song. Too bad, I'm not able to upload it.. Try to search and enjoy the song.. I will try to share in another post...

Chinese New Year Eve

To my dearest sister Evelyn. As promised I posted up some of the photos captured during the Chinese New Year eve. Sorry for the delay.

This year like usual mom's cook all the dishes but reduce the portion coz you are not at home.. *haha.. Not going to say much just browse through the photos ba..

Char mee
Cow's tendon soup


Char kui tiaw
Mom's professional dish.. pai gu

Mixed vege
Mussels cooked with long cabbage

Kai Lan cook with prawns

Char Mee

Sweet sour fish

mixed vege

Specially design by Celine and she named it 'bing pang' wo.. I oso dunno why she giv such a name?

Part of the dishes. Got see your favourite dish there... Stew Pork with eggs..
haha.. saliva gushed out liaw ma..
any way, wishing you have a great Chinese New Year this year and also Chap Goh Meh.. Ermmm... I'm not going to post wat I ate during Chap Goh Meh... too plain.. pai seh to post..

Which month's baby are you?

Want to know more about your month of birth and your characteristic? Tag up yourselves...
- pick your birth month
- strike out anything that doesn't apply to you
- bold (italicize) the best apply to you
- copy to your own blog, with all twelve months
- tag 5 people


SEPTEMBER : suave and compromising . careful , cautious and organized . likes to point out people's mistakes . likes to criticize . stubborn . quiet but able to talk well . calm and cool . kind and sympathetic . concerned and detailed . loyal but not always honest . does work well . confident . sensitive . good memory . clever and knowledgeable . loves to look for information . must control oneself when criticizing . able to motive oneself . understanding . fun to be around . secretive . love leisure and traveling . hardly shows emotions . tends to bottle up feelings . very choosy , especially in relationships . systematic .

Oh well, let see and analyzed. (Only the best apply)
* Stubborn. Oh well, those who really know me agree with this. I'm just too stubborn. Once I make any decision even the sky fall down I would never change my mind even though most of the time I crap a lot about giving up. The reality is I never give up..
*quiet but able to talk well. Errmm... Some time. If I were not in my mood, I didn't even know what the hell am I talking about.
* calm and cool.. I always categorized myself as cool.. others might said that I'm calm as well.. coz of my cool characteristic. The reality is only those who really know me know!!! So how much you know me? *hahaha..
* kind and sympathic, concerned and detailed, loyal but not always honest. I'm kinda soft hearted person (my weakness!!!) I could hardly say the word 'NO'. Most of the time their requests I will say 'OK'. Whenever I said the word 'NO' I will feel bad.. so am I kind enough??? Loyal but not always honest.. I had a lot of so called 'white lies'! What it means I will lie so that other won't feel bad about themselves!!! So never asked me whether you are plump, pretty, tall, clever... or not... or some personal matters.. (I never want others to know too much about my personal life). Thus my answers would be either 'Still ok', 'I don't know!' or I keep my mouth shut!!!
* Sensitive. Beware I'm sensitive!!! haha.. I really wonder!!! *Tell me if you feel tat I'm sensitive!
* hardly show emotion, tends to bottle up emotion! No cure! I'm this type of person! Only friends those I trusted and I knew quite well will I share my feelings.. most of the time I would rather bear it myself.
* Very choosy especially in relationships... wow... I'm choosy.. really choosy!!! Will share with you all how choosy I am in relationships in next post.
* Those who wanna express your opinions on what kind of person am I in your mind kindly posted a comment or comments ya.. Thanks.
I tag whoever reading this..
JANUARY : stubborn and hard - hearted . ambitious and serious . loves to teach and be taught . always looking at people's flaws and weekness . likes to criticize . hardworking and productive . smart , neat and organized . sensitive and has deep thoughts . knows how to make others happy . quiet unless excited or tensed . rather reserved . highly attentive . resistant to illness but prone to colds . romantic but has difficulties expressing love . love children . loyal . has great sosial abilities yet easily jealous . very stubborn and mony cautious

FEBRUARY : abstract thoughts . loves reality and abstract . intelligent and cleaver . changing personality . attractive . sexy . temperamental . quiet , shy and humble . honest and loyal . determined to reach goals . loves freedom . rebellious when restricted . loves aggressiveness . too sensitive andeasily hurt . gets angry really easily but does not show it . dislikes unnecessary things . loves making friend but rarely shows it . daring and stubborn . ambitious . realizes dreams and hopes . sharp . loves entertainment and leisure . romantic on the inside not outside . superstitious and ludicrous . spendthrift . tries to learn to show emotions .

MARCH : attractive personality . sexy . affectionate . shy and reserved . secretive . naturally honest , generous and sympathetic . loves peace and serenity . sensitive to others . loves to serve others . easily angered . trustworthy . appreciative and returns kindness . observant and assesses others . revengeful . loves to dream and fantasize . loves traveling . loves attention . hasty decisions in choosing partners . loves home decors . musically talented . lovesspecial things . moody .

APRIL : active and dynamic . decisive and hasty but tends to regret . attractive and affectionate to oneself . strong mentality . loves attention . diplomatic . consoling , friendly and solves people's problems . brave and fearless . adventurous . loving and caring . suave and generous . emotional . aggressive . hasty . good memory . moving . motivates oneself and others . sickness usually of the head and chest . sexy in a way that only their lover can see .

MAY : stubborn and hard - hearted . strong - willed and highly motivated . sharp thought . easily angered . attracts others and loves attention . deep feelings . beautiful physically and mentally . firm standpoint . need no motivation . easily consoled . systematic ( left brain ) . loves to dream . strong clairvoyance . understanding . sickness usually in the ear and neck . good imagination . good physical . weak breathing . loves literature and arts . love traveling . dislike being at home . restless . not having many children . hardworking . high spirited . spendthrift .

JUNE : thinks far with vision . easily influenced by kindness . polite and soft - spoken . having ideas . sensitive . active mind . hesitating , tends to delay . choosy and always wants the best . temperamental . funny and humourous . loves to jokes . good debating skills . talkative . daydreamer . friendly . knows how to make friends . able to show character . easily hurt . prone to getting colds . loves to dress up . easily bored . fussy . seldom shows emotions . takes time to recover when hurt . brand conscious . executive .stubborn .

JULY : fun to be with . secretive . difficult to fathom and to be understood . quiet unless excited or tensed . takes pride in oneself . has reputation . easily consoled . honest . concerned about people's feelings . tactful . friendly . approachable . emotional temperamental and unpredictable . moody and easily hurt . witty and sparkly . not revengeful . forgiving but never forgets . dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things . guides others physically and mentally . sensitive and forms impressions carefully . caring and loving . treats others equally . strong sense of sympathy . wary and sharp . judges people through observation . hardworking . no difficulties in studying . loves to be alone . always broods about the past and the old friends . likes to be quiet . homely person . waits for friends . never looks for friends . not agressive unless provoked . prone to having stomach and dieting problems . loves to be loved . easily hurt but takes long to recover .

AUGUST : loves to joke . attractive . suave and caring . brave and fearless . firm and has leadership qualities . knows how to console others . too generous and egoistic . takes high pride in onself . thirsty for praises . extraordinary spirit . easily angered . angry when provoked . easily jealous . observant .careful and cautious . thinks quickly . independent thoughts . loves to lead and to be led . loves to dream . talented in arts , music and defense . romantic . loving and caring . loves to make friends .

SEPTEMBER : suave and compromising . careful , cautious andorganized . likes to point out people's mistakes . likes to criticize . stubborn . quiet but able to talk well . calm and cool . kind and sympathetic . concerned and detailed . loyal but not always honest . does work well . confident . sensitive . good memory . clever and knowledgeable . loves to look for information . must control oneself when criticizing . able to motive oneself . understanding . fun to be around . secretive . love leisure and traveling . hardly shows emotions . tends to bottle up feelings . very choosy , especially in relationships . systematic .

OCTOBER :loves to chat . loves those who loves them . loves to take things on the center . inner and physically beauty . lies but doesn't pretend . gets angry often . treats friends importantly . always making friends . easily hurt but recovers easily . daydreamer . opinionated . does not care of what others think . emotional . decisive . strong clairvoyance . loves to travel , the arts of literature . touchy and easily jealous . concerned . loves outdoors . just and fair . spendthrift . easily influenced . easily loses confidence . loves children .

NOVEMBER : has a lot of ideas . difficult to fathom . thinks forward . unique and brilliant . extraordinary ideas . sharpthinking . fine and strong clairvoyance . can become good doctors . dynamic in personality . secretive . inquisitive . knows how to dig secrets . always thinking . less talkative but amiable . brave and generous . patient . stubborn and heart - hearted . if there is a will , there is a way . determined . never give up . hardly becomes angry unless provoked . loves to be alone . thinks differently from others . sharp - minded . motivates oneself . does not appreciate praises . high - spirited . well - built and tough . deep love and emotions . romantic . uncertain in relationship . homely . hardworking . high abilities . trustworthy . honest and keeps secrets . not able to control emotions . unpredictable .

DECEMBER : loyal and generous . sexy . patriotic . active ingames and interactions . impatient and hasty . ambitious . influential in organizations . fun to be with . loves to socialize . loves praises . loves attention . loves to be loved . honest and trustworthy . not pretending . short tempered . changing personality . not egotistic . take high pride in oneself . hates restrictions . loves to joke . good sense of humor . logical .

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yun's Back!

Yun had been lost in the space for quite sometime.. Leaving my blogs not update! Thousand apologistsss to all my readers, those who desperately want to know what had happened to this yun.. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Oh well.. Is Chinese New Year and Yun had not had the opportunities to tap Yun's finger on the keyboard.. Busy.. not with cooking and baking.. but visiting and sleeping!!!

Oh my gosh! Yun had become piggy!!! For more than 2 weeks Yun was just too lazy! Getting sick during the Chinese New Year definitely reduce the enjoyment! By the way, now Yun is as fit as a fiddle.. stay tune for Yun updating Yun's so so Chinese New Year celebration!