The Love and The Grace of God

Phil 4:6-7 In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be make known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses every man's understanding, will guard your hearts and you thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Brother's Birthday

It was my big brother's birthday. Hmm.. long delayed post. My brother's birthday was on the 20th February. This year all of us celebrated his birthday together.. hehe.. and guess~~ surely he was very touched. All his pretty sisters are there celebrating his birthday.
We bought blackforest for him this year.. Well~~ it's not that my brother love blackforest.. it's just that there was not much choice.. 
He love my marble cheese cake with walnut more than blackforest.. hehe.. not praising myself. That's the comment given by my brother.
tada~~ my big brother's birthday cake
Coconut puding
Hehe.. this is my big brother.. he kinda shy shy as well.. same as me~~ =p

Wishing my brother for another time;



What friends mean to you all? For me, friends mean a lot to me. It's neither boyfriend nor girlfriend.. just ordinary friends. I treasure my friends a lot and I always hope that they do treasure me as their friends as well. I have lots of friends. From the one that who really care and concern about me to the one that 'use' me for their benefits. Why did I still treat them as friends? It's just because that I have my own principle and I practice have a friend is better than have an enemy.

I remembered I said these words to one of my friend "You are no longer my friend".. It means more than just word. The hurts that you create are too great for my to bear ~~

I had being betrayed by friends or even best friend but I still believe in true friendship. Share with all my readers the few photos that remain in my camera due to the faulty laptop that I had during the gathering.

Evelyn's friends
Yun's friends.
Yun's ex-classmates.

These are the people who walk in to Yun's life and some walk out from Yun's life. No matter where we are Yun is happy that you are my friends that once encouraged, cared and shared your life with Yun. 

Share with Yun's readers a short poem by for all Yun's friends. 

You're a true friend,
that I want you to know,
Our love for each other
has helped us to grow.
We've been through some tough times,
but we've made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.
You helped me through anger,
you've chased away fears.
You held me through sadness,
and kissed away tears.
You stayed by my side
when the world turned away.
You helped me see joy
when the skies were all gray.
You were the rainbow
at the end of the storm.
You help me be different
when I shouldn't conform.

You held my hand
when you knew we would fall.
Every heartache,
you saw me through it all.
I'm not sure
I'm always the best friend to you,
I know I'm not perfect,
but this much is true.
When life gets you down,
And there's nowhere to turn,
I'll help you through and
I'll share your concern.
I'll try my best to return every favor,
When you're sure that you'll drown,
then I'll be your lifesaver;
Even if we both go down.
Whether we sink or swim
doesn't matter at all,
Just know that I'll be there
whenever you call.
I'll pull you out
when life pulls you under.
I'll be the sun
when there's lightning and thunder.
And when it's all over,
And we've fought every war,
There's one thing I promise,
Of this I am sure,
When the time comes
that we're put to our rest.
Be sure that you know that,
My friend, you're the best.
And if there is Heaven,
then I know you'll be there,
That if you die first
then you'll hear every prayer.
And soon I'll join you,
but just know until then.
That I'll miss you each day
'til I see you again.
At the end of the tunnel,
you'll be my guiding light,
You'll lead me to heaven,
away from the night.

We'll be there together,
and we'll never grow old.
And we'll walk hand in hand
On the streets paved of gold. 


The Fantastic Four

This is the very first time I blog about my sisters. Well, you might asked how come my brother is not there.. Hmm.. He's lazy bug that dun wanna go out with us during CNY.. Or I should say gals always win~~ (majority in the family) hehe...

These photos are captured on the 14th February 2010. We visited the river front of Bintulu before heading to Everly Hotel. I love this photo very much.. Hmmm.. we all have grown up. Nowadays we seldom have the time to gather together due to our studies.. It's sort of once a year gathering.. Hmmm.. Sob Sob..

Though all of us are still in Malaysia, our schedule and location for studies are totally different. I'm studying in Kuching, Evelyn in Skudai while Celine in Tronoh and my elder sister May is working in Bintulu.

I'm thankful to God that eventually He brought us together in His house. No matter where we are, we abide in the Body of Christ. It's not only the flesh bond but the divine born between us tighten our relations even more.

Me, Evelyn, Celine and May

The bond between us is more than what others could think.May God preserve my family. ^^

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Specially dedicate this song to those who are stressful while facing their works, studies or life. God bless and all the best.

Best love.

Yun. ^^