The Love and The Grace of God

Phil 4:6-7 In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let your requests be make known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses every man's understanding, will guard your hearts and you thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let me remember you... (讓我記得你的臉) by AiFm DJ

I heard a song Let me remember you, “讓我記得你的臉”.

I had a deep impression of this song. A lot of time we did not treasure people or things around us. We took things for granted. Whenever there was any obstacles besides pointing fingers at each other what could be and should be done. Only a few days in Bintulu, too many things happened that even my life was nearly grasped by the King of Death. In this process, I was not threaten I know that God hands were there. If it wasn’t my time, He would protect and lead me through.

I learnt to treasure everyone and everything around me. Those missed would be my memory.

On the 2nd day when I arrived Bintulu, I was diagnosed of problems in my liver. After a week treatment, praise the Lord everything was alright. Lesson learnt was that, health come first before everything. Even if you have the best fiancé or fiancée, family members, career, house, car… is it worthwhile if you suffered from all kind of disease in order to enjoy all this? It would just be a torture to the others.

The earthquake in Sze Chuang really shakes all things down. All the historical place, families, school leaving thousands of families homeless and thousands of people losing their loved one.
Actually, I was still in my vacation in Sabah. Not knowing all the news around. When I reached home, I searched for all the news in the papers and net. Oh my gosh! I could hardly breathe. I felt pain deep within me when I saw all the photos that were captured by the reporters. There was a strong desire for me to go there to help them up! But I was not a well-trained volunteer nor do I keep myself update with the voluntary society since I left my pre-university life. Really felt sorry for not being able to help. Besides monetary terms of aid I could think of nothing to help them.

Now it was already the 2nd week of the disaster. People suffered in their mind, losing their loved one. Even though now all the countries around the world donate money for restructured the city, there was one thing that could not be restructured by money, their heart!
Thus, while I listen to the song, I was touched to treasure everyone and everything around me. Not to wait till I lost it then I wept over it! I experienced it once while I was in my second year a choice that I made hurting the one whom I loved. I would never want to experience such a feeling anymore.

Kitchen caught fire!!!

On the 11th day when I reach Bintulu, another bad thing occurred... my house kitchen caught fire. This was really a trilling experience. Out of my conscious, I reacted so calmly.

The fire was too big, taller than me, and it came out of control as my mother nervously poured water over the burnt kerosene. I tried to stop but it was too late. I ran out to the car porch, eventually I found the fire extinguisher (CO2). (Luckily it was still there) With all strength, (I don’t know where the strength came from), I pulled the safety tag and safety pin, without a second thought, I sprayed towards the fierce burning fire. I was choked by the smoke, but I knew I couldn’t stop, I had to keep spraying towards the fire or else the fire would caused explosion to the gas stove which was just a feet away from the spot of the fire. Thank God, in less than one minute the fire ceased. Leaving the whole kitchen in black, the carpet ruined and I nearly fainted due to lack air. Luckily, my mom was alright. She was just in shocked.

A lot of people gathered outside my house to have a view but none helped. I wondered whether this was the attitude of a Malaysian!

I shouldn’t say much. Really thank God. Out of all the misfortune, we were just so fortunate… After the fire, I called my dad, he was with his work on site. But once he heard that he came home immediately. He thought that my mom and I were terrified! Indeed we were still alright. Cleaning up the house and clearing all the burnt material it used up nearly 6 hours. Really exhausting! This is the first time I felt that I had grown up, know how to react in emergency!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sick Again!!!

Too bad fall sick again on the first day I reach Bintulu... Maybe too tired after the trip and the hot weather in Bintulu really driving me crazy. Really can't imagine since when Bintulu had such a high temperature! 36º C!!! Oh my...

Driving my friends around the town area all of us sweat whenever we get out of the car... hopefully can brought the air-cond together with us.

Now have to stay at home taking all sorts of medication to get my fever, flu, caugh... better...
Hate the feeling of being sick... losing all the appetite also turning my sweet voice into a 'duck voice' my sister comment!!! Luckily now is holiday can have a lot of rest! :)

For those out there alone and still having exam or studies or practical.. Do take care of your health! Due to the unstable weather. For you can only enjoy all things if you are in good health... Cheers for all the day... gambatae and God blessed.

Sabah Trip

Let me introduced who involved in this trip. There are Chong Mui Jing (MJ), Kuan Pei Li (PL), Ellex Ting (Ellex) and me (Yun) (From the right). Here we are, future…ermm.. I should say fresh and hot engineers… :)

What I treasured from this trip was that we showed unity, love, care, rationale and most importantly boldness among 4 of us. After this trip, it proved that if we four were placed together the world would be under our feet. (Over expressed) :p

In this trip, we faced a lot of difficulties. The great things were that we never murmured. We sat down together to work out the solution from minor little bean things to the big deals.

I treasured the friendship bonds among us, four years we shared all the joy and tears. Among 4 of us only 2 were Christian but praise the Lord that during the trip, they all were exposed to the local church. The most worthwhile trip we’d made was the trip to Labuan where we knew no one or familiar with the place. However, we managed to visit most of the place in Labuan and even attended the Lord’s Table meeting on Sunday. Wasn’t it a miracle? During this trip, I thought I was going to miss the meeting but it proved that the Lord want me to learn to care for His will and depend on Him in every single matter. At first, I was not willing. I had the deep feeling within me that I need to look for someone, but I didn’t. I was filled with ego not willing to give up. However, the Lord knows and He had a way for me. At that moment, I excused my friends for washroom. I had never had such a strong and weird feeling within me that cause me to turn back to the Lord.

Things were not in order till I came out from the washroom. A sister messaged me! Sister Tan Jen. She was an angel send by God to aid us up! From this I realized once a brother used to remind us that no matter where we were, remember to abide and be connected to the Body! Suddenly I had a realization on this statement. Previously, even thought I had a so called normal church life, I never treasured the divine relationship among each other until my last semester and also my graduation trip! Thus, on the way back to KK I prayed that the Lord take the veils away and keep revealing Himself to me that I would know Him more.

As I mentioned before, I did go for the Lord’s Table day meeting. Previously, I would keep quiet because I know none of them and it’s very hard for me to share or speak in front of more than 10 people! Even though the number of saints was only 16, I was supplied and healed in that meeting. Meeting all the matriculation saints and friends, I remembered my first year. Thus automatically I told them to treasure the church life. I was shock by my own response as well.There were a few times during the trip that we faced difficulties and even some dangerous matter occurred. Praise the Lord for got saints prayed for my trip. I really could feel it. So many times and it was so closed but the hand of God protected us. I could say nothing besides thank God for He so love me.

Trip to Sabah...

Eventually it is the time for me to depart to Sabah together with all my friends. The start of an adventurous trip.. A trip that without much planning!
Here we go…
Depart right on time 4pm sharp. I prayed throughout the whole journey, pray for the Lord’s presence. Not abundant me due to my stubbornness. I’m thankful that the Lord really preserved this trip.
Here is our schedule after we finished our trip;

1st Day
Arrived at Kota Kinabalu at 6:30pm
Went visiting UMS

2nd Day
Tour around Kota Kinabalu

3rd Day
Going to Manukan Island and Sapi Island

4th Day

5th Day
Going to Labuan

6th Day

7th Day
Miri- Sarawak Tropical Forest

8th Day
Gua Niah, Lambir National Park, REXbox

9th Day

10th Day
Night - Bintulu

11th Day
Zoo, Beach, Riverfront

12th Day
In Bus

13th Day

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prior to departure...

Tick Tack Tick Tack...
Waiting for the time to go to the airport and depart... first time having this kind of feeling reluctant to leave! Sigh!!!...
Dunno what to do.. start blogging again! Written down my feeling deep within.
Oh Lord! Share about today's portion! Our valuation of the knowledge of Christ in comparison to all things... How much Chirst value to me, depend on how much I know Him. How do I know Chirst? It's through His word. In the old testament there was a Beulah land flowing with milk and honey. Today the word is the reality of the good land flowing with nourishing milk and honey.
I admit that until today. I still not knowing God. If I know Him, all the minor little beans things would not be an obstacles to me. A lot of time, the word of God save me from my situations. Recently, Matt 6:32-33 For all these things the Gentiles are anxiously seeking. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all will be added to you.
John 21, regarding the living and moving of a believer. It helps me a lot. Making me clear on the path that I need to choose in faith. Even this few weeks morning revival. The Lord loves and care for me very much. Through His words, He preserves me to remain in the flow of life.
I pray for my sister, for her life in Johor. I felt guilty that due of my fault she has to suffer. Not able to go home during her holidays due to industrial training in every semester break. Everytime, she told me her situation, I was very depressed! I would rather it was me!!!
From this process, I learn that the Lord is faithful and His all sufficient grace is enough for those who loves Him. This few days I was alone at home, having much time to pray and enjoy the Lord. He really enlightened me that it is no point to blame myself for something that the Lord had arranged and allowed. Now I understand why some brothers and sisters shared that if it is not the will of God no matter now hard you tried it just doesn't work. For all things work together for the benefit of those who loves Him. My sister started to share her life plus the church life with me! Praise the Lord. May the Lord forgive me for my lack of faith.
"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all will be added to you. " May the Lord gain each and everyone in this earth to know Him and enjoy Him as everything! Know Him in a thorough way that He would be our treasure! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My mood is grey right now!!! Although my vacation starts tomorrow, I've lost the mood for the vacation!

I appreciated my friends for their arrangement for the trip and they really put efforts into it. The trip to Sabah. This is the first time i join their plans and it seems disappointing. I really can't imagine how could their arrange for the trip without proper arrangement for the accomodation! Are we going to stay over night along the road side or at the bus station???

Receiving the sms from my freind I was shock!!! Asking me to book hotel at this time!!! Now is 11.25pm!!! Hello... anybody there wanna accept our booking!!!

Anyway hopefully the trip won't have any big problem that 4 of us can't deal with it...
Now I just wanna have a shout...
Feel better...
Hihihi... Cheers for tomorrow... life will be better..
God Blessed...

Lunch at Pondok Laguna

Today going out with little Ju Imm and her parents. Having lunch at Pondok Laguna. We really enjoyed the time there, sharing all the stories of life. It's the papa and mama's time so Ju Imm and I go for photos hunting! Unfortunately din have a suitable camera to take a great photo. This not bad also... :p

This "Pondok Laguna" located at Crown Plaza, Near Hock Lee centre. It's Indonesian Style restaurant. Things are quite spicy but it's really mouth watering food... We order 6 dishes for 6 person. Can u imagine how full we are!!!

From this blending, I learnt something precious. That is to treasure the time, persons around me and me myself. A lot of time when I heard about others misfortune I just take it as a story of misfortunes. I need to learn. Ju Imm's father is actually a contractor before turning into charity worker. What changed His life and what make their whole family turn and have faith in the Lord. It's really a long story!

It's not sympathized on others misfortune. I need to see, how much God loves each and every of His chosen one!!! It make me realised of the purpose of my living!

Here we are; Brother Steven, Sister Karen, little Ju Imm and her parents...

Ju Imm and her parents
Ju Imm and I
Ju Imm and Sie Ying
At SPIC. (Local product retail) Pepper Product

This Tauhu really looks like volcano... Hahaha...
Spicy grilled fish
Here we are..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sushi Again!!!

This is the 4th time I went to sushi king. Haha.. dunno since when I became the promoter of Sushi King!!! What attracted me to visit sushi king again and again is the environment of the shop. Is clean. But one sad things is that when there are a lot of customers the quality of service and food decrease..

Mei Xia and I went to Sushi King on Sunday noon, enjoying the sushi and of course got a lot of things to chat... It had being a long time since we last had meal together. She is really a pattern to me in the way she serve and learn. Thanks a lot!!! ^-^

Here are the types of sushi that we or i should say i like the most!!! Hihi...:p

Roll with crabs..
Rolls with salmon.. Fresh prawn (So so..)
Here we go... Enjoying our sushi...

Tuna Mayo..
I like this one the most... Dunno why I just like it.. Yummy yummy...

No so much we can only finished up to this level... Blotted!!! :x
Oh my gosh... need to keep fit oled. Keep eating like this, sure gain my weight!!! out of 10 plates 6.5 plates were eaten by me!!!


Everybody were celebrating mother's day today.. Although I was not at home, my mom is always in my heart... This year have to apologize to mom for late wishing.
Not having opportunity to celebrate mother's day with mothersss... genius SY suggested to play bowling at unimas...
That is how I celebrated my mother's day this year...

Playing bowling with all the brothers and sisters... From the left, Emerald, Siu Hee, Annie, Honey, Toh Hii, Chien Soon, Sie Yew, Wen Kiat, Tony and me...

Haha.. Showing professional skill... (It was a gutter ball indeed :p)
So painful.. Forgot to cut my nail prior the game... accidentally broke my nail... Ouch!!!

Lord, Keep my heart...

Lord, Keep my heart,
always true to you,
Never backsliding, always viewing You,
A heart that is pure, that sees only You,
A heart that loves You and treasure only You.

Yours love constrains me to give my to You.
Lord, I can't help it, my heart is drawn to You.
Oh, what a privilage! I give myself to You.
I love You, Lord, dearest Lord,
I love You, I just love You...

I enjoyed this hymns recently. It seems that I am graduating soon. Coming to the juncture of life, making decisions that are going to affect my whole life. Suddenly this hymns come into my mind. "Lord, Keep my heart". Brothers always told us that our heart is very important. If our heart is right, no matter what we do in our life the Lord would preserve our life. But if our heart is not right, no matter what we do it's not a font in the eyes of God and there won't be any blessing from God.

In this process, I learnt to pray! The Lord knew me more than I do. Seeking His leading in my life that I would be preserved. Even thought I have to take risk and give up some of my likes. I pray to the Lord that I'm lacking of faith. Let Him be my faith.

It had been a lot of time that I take my own way neglecting the feeling within. Eventually, it proves that I'd make a wrong move that i had to go through a long and tough way. This time i do not want to repeat the same thing.

It remembered me to the verses in the bible, John chapter 21. Without the word and leading of God no matter how hard I strived it was just like, Peter, as a professional fisherman couldn't even caught one fish at the Sea of Tiberias. The sea is just like today's society and the fish is the things that we want to grab... This is really a reminder to me!

I could strive to be the best student in the university, getting a high salary's job, married to the best man in this world, having a marvellous family... what is the goal? What is the purpose? Even if I gain the whole world be the same as Bill Gates. Am I satisfied?

Lots of things in our life could not be bought nor achieved! Could we achieved happiness? Freedom? Peace? Eternal life? Infinite love? Health?...

At this moment, I just want the Lord to keep my heart. Preserve me! That I would seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness...

Eventhough, now I'm in dilemma (in the sense that I had my own choice, my own preference), I 'm clear that which path I should take. May the Lord strengthen me. Take the veils away that I could see Him.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Small Group Meeting

Last night, we have small group meeting at sis Karen's house. We have mouth watering dinner. Prepared by our dear sis Karen. Thanks a lot. Although she was busy with her work, she still spare her time preparing love feast for us...
Share with u all our small group meeting... Not only being feed outwardly but much being supplied and sherpherd inwardly...

Here we are, sis Zhong Qin, Hui Ling, Annie and me...

The whole group... just like a big family..

Yummy Yummy... Sooo.. delicious.... Somemore!!! :p

Enjoying our small group meeting.. Everybody share their potion... May the Lord gain each and everyone in the small group meeting... God Blessed!!!

Hymns Blending...

Today is our small group hymns blending.. Enjoying singing all the hymns with all the sisters and also our dearest friends Hui Ling.. Everybody is so concentrating on their singing dun even notice that i'd captured their pictures.. haha...

From the left, Erica, Hui Ling, Yip Ping, Jing Xian and dear Sin Joo... So lovely and enjoyable.. should have more of this kind of blending.. Our dear friend Hui Ling enjoy singing very much... we repeatly singing the hymns for about 15 times until no sound!!! Hihi.. anyway we enjoy the process... :) After the blending then here we are photos time with all the sis in sister's house... My home!!!
All seven of us, good number.. From the left, Sin Joo, Erica, Lina, Yip Ping, Hui Ling, Jing Xian and me.. :p Cheers.. One, two, three.... let us exercise!!! Seems like finding out the real Yun oled.. Hihi...
May the Lord preserve each and everyone of us... To be like children in His house! God blessed everyone of us...